Cutting and utilization of wind turbine blades

The Anmet Company

has an experienced team of technicians and own technicalsolutions that ensure the highest quality of services in the field of cutting wings at the customer’s site.

We transport the wings in standard trailers in order to optimize the costs of the entire process forour customers.

We recycle the wings in the following ways:

  1. Construction of utility elements / small architecture / engineering structures.
  2. Production of boards based on milledblades (test stage).
  3. Thermal recycling of carbon fibers for reuse.

We place emphasis on the effectiveness and reliability of the work carried out, and thus on customersatisfaction. We carry out work in an environmentally safe manner. We constantly improve the quality of our services. We work all over Europe. At the client’s request, we also provide services in the field of disassembly and disposal of entire wind turbines.