smart growth program 2014-2020


Project title:

An alternative to the disposal of older generation wind turbines. The use of composite blades in

the construction of bridge engineering structures.

Name and number of measure/sub-measure: POIR.02.03.02-08-0004/19
Beneficiary: Przedsiębiorstwo Wielobranżowe ANMET Andrzej Adamcio
Project partner: Rzeszów University of Technology.
Implementation period: 2/01/2020 – 31/05/2021
Project value: PLN 492,000.00

Value of co-financing from the EFRR: PLN 340,000.00

Brief description of the project:

The project is aimed at checking the assumptions that the blades used in their original application can be used in a changed purpose. The girders will be made of used wind turbine blades made of GFRP composites. It is a material characterized by both lightness and appropriate strength and resistance to weather conditions, and thus increased durability compared to commonly used materials (steel, concrete). Structures made of composite materials are characterized by a lower cost of maintenance throughout the entire life cycle of the structure. The introduction of innovative composite beams to the infrastructure construction market will expand the range of services offered by Anmet and thus increase its competitiveness on the market. Static and strength tests of the girders made by the research and development unit will confirm the correctness of the adopted assumptions and will determine the load capacity and stiffness range of the beams.

Results achieved:

The result of our work will be both better management of waste in the form of wind blades by countries that are already struggling with this problem, e.g. Germany, with whom we also cooperate in the implementation of our solutions, but they will also constitute a knowledge and skills base for the moment when our there will be an increased demand for such solutions in the market. An additional result will be electricity savings, lower CO2 emissions in relation to the currently main methods of processing blades.

Another result of our work is to show that something that can be considered exploited can be adapted to a different purpose at relatively low cost and work, instead of becoming waste. The blade is considered worn out after 20-30 years of use, but when converted into a pedestrian bridge, it can be used for at least a second such period, additionally conducted tests are aimed at determining the maximum service life for such applications. In addition, our actions will have a positive impact on the economy, environment and society.

Static and dynamic tests

Beam on the test stand during static and dynamic tests

Fatigue tests

Beam on the test stand

Destruction of one steel saddle that distributes the load