since 1998 year


ANMET company was established in 1998. From beginning We provide high quality and reliability of our service. Our company specializes in recycling waste such as scrap of steel, aluminum, copper, brass, zinc, lead and composites. 

The company receives the highest recognition with regular contractors for reliability, prompt payment and solid material classification.

Our company is engaged in the recycling of wind turbine blades. We are looking for new solutions that enable the reuse of wind turbines blades designated for dismantlement. We have developed a recycling technology of carbon fibers from wind turbine blades and we are the only company in the world that manufactures up to 8 meter-length fibers.

Therefore, we have undertaken scientific research with the cooperation of Warsaw University of Technology. At our request, the university has been conducting strength research of recycled carbon fibers as well as laminates produced on their basis. Another University that we cooperate with is Rzeszów University of Technology. We have started cooperation with the university with the aim of constructing bridges, footbridges, playgrounds, benches and observation decks with the use of wind turbines blades.


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