Why We do it?

Wind turbine blades recycling

In our company, we have noticed growing from few years problem of utilizing wind turbines, more specifically – components made of composites, in particular blades. In the following years lot of older windmills must be utilized, as more and more of them will finish their service resurse. Many windmill elements like the tower and gondola are mainly made of metals for which the recycling process is already well known.

The main problem remains the recycling of composites, both types – the older type with fiberglass (GFK) and the composite found more and more commonly in newer types of blades – carbon fiber composite (CFK).

Our answer to this problem are designed by us mechanical processing methods for GFK composites, and thermal methods for CFK composites.

Contact according to:

- dismantling wind turbines
- cutting and recycling blades
- products from blades processing

Marcin Sobczyk – coordinator 
Phone +48 506 126 749